Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beauty From Pain

I broke down. Two years of wanting to start a blog.. and this is it. One day I will create a real website. .. and who knows where God will take it. I will lead as he follows. At the moment I cannot use my real Identity and really can't speak of my story. .. because of Legal action that is being taken..but one day soon I will! Until then.. I will be blogging about a few different things .. maybe you'll understand what I'm all about. Please feel free to leave feedback on anything.. and also.. your website URL for me to check out.. 8) will write more with an UPDATE soon! Be Blessed.. and remember you can't choose everything you go thru.. but you can choose how to deal with it. The day you begin to die, is the day you become silent about what matters most.

Little child dry your crying eyes
how can I explain the fear you feel inside
cause you were born into this evil world
where man is killing man but no one knows
just why what have we become just look
what we have done all that we destroyed
you must build again.

One day you will find your Beauty from Pain.

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