Monday, June 22, 2009

This Little Light By: Christa Brown

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In this groundbreaking memoir and exposé, Christa Brown tells the story of clergy sex abuse and cover-ups in the largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. As she shares her journey from trusting church girl to tenacious advocate for children's safety, Brown shines a light on the patterns of preacher-predators and the collusion of evangelical leaders. This Little Light speaks of the unspeakable, and in doing so, testifies to the transformative power of truth-telling.

An amazing wake-up call to churchgoers everywhereby Jim_Hill

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June 08, 2009: Christa Brown's story is an amazing wake-up call to those who have children in a Baptist church, and who mistakenly think their children are safe there. Brown's account of her own experience with a sexual predator masquerading as a minister is unsettling enough, but the more disturbing story is the response of the Southern Baptist convention. First there was denial, and then an elaborate cover-up. Even while her predator's name sat in a file of "known offenders" at Baptist headquarters in Texas, he was able to continue working in children's ministry in Florida. Instead of responding gratefully to the revelation that a predator was in their ranks, as any church member and every parent would expect of their church, the entire Baptist machinery strived to silence Brown. Baptist leaders prayed not for guidance, but prayed that Brown would just go away. Even if you are not a Baptist believer, this book is a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a powerful religious machine. And if you think the Catholic Church cover-up of abusive priests was unique to the Catholic faith, and if you thought that such a thing could never occur in the Baptist church, think again.


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  • Publisher: Foremost Press
  • Pub. Date: May 2009
  • ISBN-13: 9780981841830
  • Sales Rank: 126,080
  • 236pp

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